Contouring is the must-have beauty hack this year. You’ll have seen so many of the big beauty bloggers and vloggers flaunting their best tips for creating that sought after chiselled look.

So where to start?

Start with the right foundation colour! contourit

This sounds simple enough. But it’s recommended that you find two foundations: one colour that is a few tones lighter than your skin and another which is darker than your skin tone. It’s difficult enough finding your perfect match without then finding another one.

Then it’s time to find the perfect brush. There are so many make-up brushes to choose from. All of this equals time and therefore it’s not exactly a practical approach for those who lead a busy or fuss-free lifesyle. Besides the fact that there are another 6 stages to achieving that chiselled look, we thought that there must be an easier way to get those killer cheekbones!

We then set ourselves a mission. To find a way to make contouring a little less fussy, but with the same outstanding results.

After designing and researching different designs, we found the perfect solution…

Introducing Contour IT – Zero fuss, zero mess!

Contour IT is our answer to the simple make-up free alternative to contouring.

Being experts in sonic technology, we made a sonic applicator wand that works alongside our Illuminate radiance moisturiser. The clever wand works in harmony with Illuminate to define your best assets and avoid any sneaky stripy lines.

How do I use it?

It’s simple. Apply a pea-sized amount of our Illuminate moisturiser to the face, then follow these steps:

Cheekbones: Define and emphasize by lifting and rolling the Contour IT wand under your cheekbone and hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat.

Brow Lift: Push the Contour IT wand under your brow and hold for 10 seconds and repeat. Say hello to that high arch!

Jaw Define: Roll the Contour IT wand from the bottom of your neck up to your jawline and hold for 10 – 15 seconds. The secret to that chiselled look!